Brisbane is a hilly area and retaining walls are used to reclaim some land and to add a sophisticated look to the landscape. Retaining walls Brisbane by Cropper Bros Landscapes are not only limited to basic concrete walls, but we can provide hundreds of other types of wall blocks. Retaining walls Brisbane services will change the look of your landscape especially in areas that are small.

Block rendered walls are the most commonly used. These are quite easy to construct and it will not take more than a few days to finalize the wall structure. These walls can be curved or straight to add a contemporary look to the landscape. Whenever you are planning to add a retaining wall in your landscape, the structural integrity should always be considered. Our team of expert builders and designers can construct the best retaining walls for your project. Our design team will form a design that will blend with the landscape and will be strong enough to support whatever you are building it for.

Another thing to consider when building a retaining wall is to assess the drainage of the location and project. Cropper Bros Landscapes team takes into consideration all small details of the project so that there is minimal maintenance. An added advantage of hiring our team is that we specialize in simple, innovative and cost effective projects.

Retaining walls are a functional feature in your landscape. A good design and strong construction is vital which can only be achieved by hiring an expert to do the job. Cropper Bros Landscapes is here to help you out by choosing the design that will enhance the beauty of your landscape. You can call us for a free quote or to setup a meeting on your site